France – Winter

Alpe d’Huez, France

Winter in snowy French mountains can be lovely.

But winter in Paris, when the weather is quite extreme, may be muddy, rainy, and annoying or surprising. Everything is possible…
I experienced nice winter in Paris, but also a very bad one with e.g., lots of flight cancellations because it was snowing a bit and nobody was prepared for it…

France – Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty, Paris, France

The famous Statue of Liberty can be found not only in New York; actually you can find its replica in many places around the world, but France is the one where you should really search for it.
-Well, France gave the Statue of Liberty to the USA. So in Paris, you can find a few smaller versions of this “French statue”. 🙂

France – Paris

Paris, France

Does everyone want to visit Paris?

I wanted to go to Paris when I was a child. Later, when I had to travel many times to Paris, I wasn’t so excited any more. But, I found its charm and now I have my favorite places in Paris, and like to visit the city a lot.

So take a good pair of shoes and walk a lot, behave more like a local not like a tourist, eat some delicious foods and visit the Towers of Notre Dame.
And simply enjoy Paris! Don’t follow the crowds. 😉
Take it easy, it’s a nice city. 🙂

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