England – Oxford

England – Oxford

Oxford is obviously a university city.
It’s also known as the “City of Dreaming Spires” because of a poet Matthew Arnold.

I can only write, it’s a place worth visiting, and you can spend there a lovely day exploring ancient and modern areas of Oxford. So don’t miss it! 🙂

England – Roman & Modern Baths

Bath, England

The Roman Baths are situated in the centre of Bath next to the Abbey. It’s not possible to swim there. But, there is also a spa in Bath, where you can enjoy natural thermal waters.

Apparently, the Roman Baths are one of the most visited heritage attractions in the United Kingdom.
You can easily combine your trip with Stonehenge or London.

England – Bath

England – Bath

If you’ve heard or visited Bath, you know it’s a lovely, historical city.
If you’ve never heard about Bath, I want to encourage to go there one day! You will not regret! 🙂

Bath is a city known for its baths built by Romans somewhere around 65 AD. But, you’ll find here also other attractions, e.g., the Abbey or Herschel Museum of Astronomy.

England – Dover

Port in Dover, England

If you want to go to England from continental Europe, you have to cross the English Channel;
you can fly over it;
you can go by train, via tunnel underneath;
or you can take a ferry.
If you choose the last option, you may end up in Dover.

I’d like to encourage you, to not treat Dover just as an entry point to the United Kingdom. Visit the town, the castle and nearby cliffs!

England – York

St Mary’s Abbey, York, England

York is a historical city located in Yorkshire, England.
It was founded by the Romans in 71 AD.

I’m guessing, that New York City in the USA is more known that York in the UK; but it’s good to be aware that New York got its name in honor of the Duke of York, later King James II of England.

England – Stonehenge

England – Stonehenge

I remember a long time ago, reading about Stonehenge.
And somehow I thought Stonehenge doesn’t exist any more.
Well, it sounded so extraordinary, and children may easily get a wrong impression.
Anyway, I was quite fascinated by the place and thought it would be amazing to see it!

And, one day, I convinced 2 of my friends to go there, and a child’s dream came true. 🙂

Stonehenge, a ring of standing stones, was probably constructed around 2,500 BC. It’s still not clear who built it, when, and why.

Check the English Heritage website for more information.

England – Fish and Chips

Windsor, England

Fish and chips is a very popular dish in England,
however, it doesn’t have a very long history in the UK, since about 1860s.

For me, it was just a right dish to try in the UK. 🙂

p.s. I know, I’m showing you a picture of a bit different dish than “fish & chips”. 😉